Canoe Trail - Nelson - Trevino Canoe Trail - Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

A 4.8 mile canoe trail takes you through the maze of a backwater area complete with islands and sloughs.

Bald eagles perch in the treetops. It is not uncommon to watch them swoop down to the river and snatch a fish right in front of your canoe. You will paddle along side a muskrat or beaver. In the trees you may see some of the warblers that nest in the bottomlands a prothonotary warbler or an American redstart. White pelicans soar overhead and will disappear right before your eyes as they do their ballet in the skies. Keep watching and the large white bird with black wingtips will reappear.

During the summer this is a quiet canoe trail. Often you will be the only canoe or kayak on the trail.

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Latitude: 44.398293 Longitude: -92.023445 Elevation: 666 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Trail Details: 4.8 miles - Moderate Skill Level. There is a stretch where you will be paddling against the current. During high water and windy days it will require strong paddling.

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