Browning Home & Gunsmith Shop

Tour the Jonathan Browning Home and Gunsmith Shop and learn more about the humble beginnings of the worldwide Browning Arms Corporation. See authentic rifles, handguns and shotguns from the early 1800s, as well as their present-day counterparts. Born and educated in Tennessee, Browning began working with firearms in his early teens. After marriage and relocation to Quincy, IL, Browning developed a reputation for skilled craftsmanship. He is credited with inventing the repeating rifle, a major breakthrough in gun technology.

Joining the Mormon Exodus in 1846, Browning eventually settled in Utah, where his son, John Moses Browning, expanded on his father’s work and became a legendary gun designer. Among his inventions are the automatic rifle and the .30 caliber machine gun used in WWII. 

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May to September: Monday-Saturday, 9am- 6pm; Sunday: 12pm-5pm. Other Months: Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm; Sunday, 12pm-5pm.

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Since this shop is an historical museum with irreplaceable artifacts and demonstration items, pets may not be brought inside.  We appreciate your understanding. Service dogs are allowed.

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