Baxter, Minnesota

Baxter Minnesota is a fast growing community located on the highway 371 bypass next to Brainerd. This location makes Baxter the gateway to the Brainerd Lakes Area. Home to Mills Fleet Farm, Gander, Mountain, Hotels, Restaurants, and a wide array of great shopping Baxter is not only a great Minnesota Vacation destination it is also an ideal community to live, play, and raise a family.

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Latitude: 46.348363 Longitude: -94.268638 Elevation: 1204 ft
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Baxter owes its existence partly to the 1920s operation of a (since closed) large tie-treating plant, owned by Northern Pacific Railroad. Farming was also an important early industry.

Baxter was incorporated on May 25, 1939. The town is named after Luther Baxter,[6] an attorney for the railroad who served in the Minnesota Legislature and as a colonel in the Civil War.

Tourism and various service industries have become Baxter's biggest employers, and numerous housing subdivisions have been developed in the wooded area west of Minnesota Highway 371, which passes through the town. Owing to the amount of unused land in the area, commercial development along the highway itself has also increased in recent years, though it has tended to conform to the pattern of urban sprawl.


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