Ball Mill Resurgence NA

Ball Mill Resurgence is a small tract of upland forest that contains multiple sinkholes and a large resurgence. This forest area contains a sinkhole resurgence at the base of a 50-foot limestone bluff. Rocks fall into the basin and are tumbled smooth by water that resurfaces up into the resurgence after heavy rains. The forest is a mature mixed oak-hickory forest that has a good diversity of plants.The karst features of this natural area are part of the larger karst network found in Perry County – the county in Missouri with the highest density of caves. The underground drainage system and calcareous bedrock of Perry County is akin to a block of Swiss cheese with water moving in very complex drainage patterns.



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Latitude: 37.805757 Longitude: -89.89034 Elevation: 492 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Bird Watching and Hiking through a forest dominated by a mix of oaks and maple. For bird watching, go to The Audubon Society of Missouri website to print the bird list for this area.

Seasons Accessible

Open for public use from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m


There are no fees for using Missouri conservation areas. These areas are funded by the 1/8th of 1% Conservation State Sales Tax.

Accessibility Notes

There are no disabled accessible facilities for this area.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets and hunting dogs are permitted but must be on a leash or confined at all times. Hunting and dog training is prohibited on this area.

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