Asbury United Methodist Church

At a Sheriff’s sale in 1834, Michael Gordy acquired the property that Asbury United Methodist Church now resides on. Mr. Gordy donated the property to a congregation of Baptists in the late 1830s. From 1830 to 1866, the church was known as Ironside Baptist Church, a place of worship for Southern white people. During this time, Negro slaves were permitted, on occasion, to attend worship services in the church.

After the Civil War, Ironside Baptist Church was disbanded. In 1866, the colored Parent Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church purchased the property and the church became known as the Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church. The church became a house of worship for men and women of color, most of which were former slaves. Reverend Thomas Kennedy gave the first sermon in this new place of worship on Christmas Day, 1866.

In 1968, Asbury joined the United Methodist movement and thus, the church became known as the Asbury United Methodist Church. Through many pastors, natural disasters, remodels and repairs, the congregation has remained resilient in their faith. Sunday worship services are at 11am.


Latitude: 29.794485 Longitude: -91.501123 Elevation: 11 ft
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