altSTATES Travel

altSTATES Travel is a Davenport, Iowa based experience operator offering unique excursions to help locals and visitors discover new and unique attractions and ideas in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois and greater Midwest. Founded in 2017 by a local resident, altSTATES provides trips ranging from brewery hops to tours of funky small towns in the beautiful countryside.

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Latitude: 41.569748 Longitude: -90.715729 Elevation: 728 ft
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Brendan Iglehart

Sample Itinerary of Experience

Our most popular offering is a tour to three locally-owned craft breweries, where guests learn about the brewing process and sample tasty beers that these small businesses proud craft every day.

We also offer historical tours of the Quad Cities, tours to quirky towns in the surrounding area, and weeklong cultural excursions around the Midwest for visitors from around the country and world.

Costs and Fees

Scheduled tours start at $29, with discounts for groups. All tours include transportation, guide commentary, and free wifi and bottled water in the van.

Seasons Open and Departure

Open year-round

Eco-Friendly Notes

Our Quad Cities historical tours include opportunities for eagle watching when in season (generally January-March).

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

altSTATES is locally owned and operated in Davenport, Iowa by Brendan Iglehart, a native and resident of the city.

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