1927 Flood Museum

Exhibited in the oldest structure in Downtown Greenville, this museum presents the history of one of the greatest natural disasters this country has ever known. On Thursday, April 21, 1927, at 7:45 a.m., the levee at Stops Landing, 8 miles north of Greenville, broke due to the pressure from the swollen Mississippi River and created the greatest single crevasse ever to occur anywhere on the river. View actual flood artifacts and photographs illustrating the flood’s impact on life and death during the four months Greenville and the Mississippi Delta were inundated. The 12-minute documentary film superbly illustrates the Great Flood of ’27 and the struggle of man against nature.

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Latitude: 33.41072 Longitude: -91.060261 Elevation: 144 ft
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Monday - Friday; Weekends by appointment


Hello: I am working on plans for a Family Reunion in Greenville in August 2019 and wanted to include this museum in a driving tour of the city. Can you tell me what admission is and what the hours of operation are? Also, what is the approximate viewing time for an average individuals (people of all ages, including children and seniors)? Thank you!

Stephanie Allen, 4/6/2018

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