11th Avenue Walking Tour Historic District

  • As Moline, Illinois developed in the 1850's, factories and mills were built along the Mississippi River where transportation and water power were readily available.  
  • The man with the single greatest influence on the destiny of Moline was John Deere.
  • Twelfth Street hill , leading up the bluff to 11th Avenue, was the first major hill in Moline to be paved with bricks, opening up the bluff to development.  Owners of these new homes came from all walks of life.  Many were successful businessmen who could afford more spacious accommodations for their families.
  • The Mansions of the early industrialists survive chiefly along 11th Avenue, once known as "Millionaire Row", or Deere Row.  11th Avenue was home to members of the John Deere Family, and Velie families.  
  • Members of the Velie family, Stephen Velie, married John Deere's daughter, Emma.  Their son, Willard Lamb Velie, Sr. started the Velie Carriage Works, which later became Velie Motors.  Before the company was dissolved in 1929, Moline rivaled Detroit in automobile production.
  • The neighborhood contains an amazing eclectic style of architecture to include Second Empire, Victorian, Queen Anne, Colonial, Tudor Mission Style, Italianate, Prairie Style (Frank Lloyd Wright), and Renaissance . 
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Latitude: 41.501581 Longitude: -90.528119 Elevation: 690 ft
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Time Period Represented

1860's to 1930's

Visitor Fees (if any)

Free. Booklets and walking maps may be purchased for $3.00 at Model Printers located at 310 15th St, Moline, Illinois

Seasons Open

All Year Round

Accessibility Notes

This walking tour is very hilly. Walking or driving is available.

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